Vasectomy is a popular permanent method of male sterilisation in New Zealand. It is done as a day procedure under local anaesthesia.

Technique- It is performed by a small opening in the scrotal skin which can be made by a scalpel in standard scalpel method or with a pair of sharp forceps in no scalpel method. The vas is dissected and small part of vas is resected and sent for histology. No sutures are required for the skin.

What to expect after vasectomy? People return to work 24-48 hrs after the procedure. But it is recommended not do heavy physical work, biking, playing sports and exercising for a week. Sexual intercourse can be resumed after a week with contraception.

When is the Vasectomy Successful? This operation does not work immediately after the operation. It takes about 2-3 months to clear the sperms in the vas. Patients are required to do 2 semen tests, first semen test after 2 months and the second semen test 3 months after the procedure. If these two semen tests do not show any sperms then the vasectomy is successful and they are safe not to use any contraception. Some people with wider vas and more sperms can take more time for complete clearance.

Vasectomy Reversal
Although vasectomy reversal can be done but vasectomy is intended to be a permanent procedure. Reversal is a complicated expensive procedure and chances of fertility is reduced because of sperm antibody production. It is recommended to defer the procedure or get sperm storage if anyone is not sure and would like have kids in future.

Failure- vasectomy is a very effective method of permanent sterilisation for males. The failure rate is about less than 1%.

Bleeding & Haematoma- is now less with minimal invasive technique. Bruising of scrotal is common which resolves by itself. Major bleeding or haematoma is rare.
Post vasectomy pain syndrome- this a rare complication after vasectomy. Patients complain pain in one or both testicles. Reversal of vasectomy is sometimes required for its management.


  1. Does vasectomy affect ejaculation?
    It does not affect ejaculation. Ejaculation fluid consists of more than 95% fluid from seminal vesicles and prostate. Sperms contribute less than 5% to the volume. Therefore, there is normal ejaculation minus sperms.
  2. Does Vasectomy affect libido?
    Vasectomy does not affect libido. It is controlled by testosterone which is produced in testis.
  3. Are there any long-term complications?
    There are no long-term complications after vasectomy. It is not associated with any increased risk of testicular cancer.