Skin Cancer

Skin cancers are very common in New Zealand. It is most common cancer in male and second most common cancer in female in the age group between 25-44. More than 95% of skin cancers are caused by UV exposure. About 6700000 non melanomatous skin cancers are diagnosed every year.

Skin cancers can be picked up early by regular skins checks and can be successfully treated. But if they are not diagnosed early it can lead to a serious/fatal consequence.

Skin cancer college of Australasia promotes a simple and effective mantra for self-skin cancer check- SCAN YOUR SKIN

Sore, scaly, itchy, bleeding tender and does not heal within six weeks
Changing in appearance, size, shape or colour
Abnormal: looks different feels different or stands out different or stands out when compared to others
New-most melanomas or new skin cancers arise in this way
The most common skin cancers are BCC or Basal Cell Skin Cancer, SCC or Squamous cell skin cancer and Melanomas.

Skin Check or a spot check- It is recommended to see a doctor with a special training in skin cancer detection and treatment for a regular skin check. Patients are advised to see a skin cancer doctor for advice if they spot a suspicious lesion.

How is a skin check is done? It can be a full body skin check or a spot check. It is done by a dermatoscope which a specialised equipment. The full skin check can take up to 45 minutes. Dr Vijay Srivastava is a Skin Cancer College Australasia accredited skin cancer doctor who has been providing skin cancer diagnosis and treatment for last 10 years.

Skin Cancers Management
Most skin cancers can be treated successfully by excision. It can be performed by doctor under local anaesthetic. Sometimes they complex cases needed to be referred for further management.

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