Benign Skin Lesions

Although benign skin lesions are harmless because they don't turn into skin cancer, they can be quite unsightly. The hospital do not accept referrals for excision of benign lesions, but most of them can be treated at Glenview Medical.

Skin Tags

Small ones can be frozen. Larger ones can be shaved off and diathermied under local anaesthetic.

Seborrhoeic Keratoses (age spots)

These are crusty lesion sitting on the surface of the skin. Small ones can be frozen. Larger ones can be scraped off and diathermied under Local.


These are best frozen, but it can sometimes take several attempts. If they are large you need to use wart paint such as Duofilm between treatments.


These can sometimes be difficult to remove if they are scarred from previous infections. They often take extra time to excise and then stitch up so you will need to book an appointment to arrange this prior to the surgery.