As an additional service to our registered patients, our doctors offer repeat prescriptions. This service allows you to request regular medications instead of seeing your General Practitioner.

To ensure prescribing is appropriate and responsible our doctors are ultimately accountable for any repeat prescriptions therefore it is their decision whether to provide additional medication when due. It is best practice all medications require ongoing monitoring to ensure they are being effective and not producing any detrimental side effects.

To achieve this you will be required (upon request from your doctor) to see a nurse for blood pressure and weight check or any other ongoing monitoring relating to your medication. Prescriptions should be picked up by the patient themselves so if any additional monitoring is required can be done upon collection of the script.

Please note: You will be asked to make an appointment with your doctor, at least annually, for a review to ensure safe and appropriate monitoring.

Please allow 48 hours’ notice when ordering your prescription, if you require a same day script you will be required to come to Glenview Medical Centre in person, see a nurse who to organise the script for you. The charge for this service is $30.00.